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I have known John Miller of HSI for approximately 10 years. His inspections have always been thorough, fair and full of tips for the new homeowner.  

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Phased New Home Inspections

One of the most important inspections on a new home is a pre-drywall inspection. This phase of the home inspection evaluates the framing components of the home as well as the “rough-in” plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems. This inspection takes place prior to insulation and gypsum wallboard installation. This phase of the home inspection and all phases of a home inspection should be conducted by a home inspector that has a full understanding of the local building codes and standards.

The final phase of the home inspection would evaluate all components of the home after all the systems and utilities have been installed and activated. This phase of the inspection also evaluates the home to ensure that it meets current building codes.

Home Warranty Inspections

When you purchase a new home, your builder usually provides a one-year warranty that covers most aspects of the home. A home warranty inspection is the same as a final home inspection on new construction and takes place prior to your warranty expiring. If you did not have an independent evaluation of the home at the time of construction or if you have some specific concerns, it would be wise to have a warranty inspection conducted on the home.

Resale Home Inspections

This inspection is typically conducted for the home buyer. The resale home inspection evaluates the visible structure; roof, exterior, deck/porch/sunroom attachments, interior plumbing and electrical systems, heating/air conditioning systems and ductwork, interior (walls/ceilings/windows), attic, insulation and ventilation, foundation, fireplaces and solid fuel burning appliances. Carpet, wallpaper and interior paint are considered cosmetic issues and are not evaluated as part of the home resale inspection. This inspection typically takes place after you have a signed contract on the home.

Pre-Listing Home Inspections

A pre-listing home inspection is conducted for the home seller and typically takes place prior to listing your home on the market. The pre-listing home inspection is similar to the resale home inspection and allows the seller to make any needed repairs that are identified on the report before a potential buyer views the home. This allows for a smoother transaction once you have a contract on the home and in several instances the buyer may not request that an additional inspection be conducted on the home by an inspector of their choosing.

EIFS Inspections

An EIFS inspection (Exterior Insulation Finish System) is conducted on homes that are clad with EIFS or more commonly referred to as “Synthetic Stucco”. A visual and moisture inspection is conducted on the EIFS cladding using a Tramex Wet Wall Detector (non-invasive) and a Delmhorst BD-2100 moisture meter (invasive). The components of the EIFS system and construction details are evaluated for proper installation and function. The wall cavity (substrate) behind the EIFS system is also evaluated for moisture content. Recommended repairs and a list of certified stucco contractors are included in the report.

Hardcoat Stucco Inspections

A hardcoat stucco inspection is conducted on homes that are clad with hardcoat stucco. A visual inspection is conducted on the hardcoat stucco system evaluating the components and construction details of the system. If warranted, invasive tests can be conducted on the hardcoat stucco cladding to evaluate moisture content and the condition of the substrate behind the system. Recommended repairs and a list of certified stucco contractors are included in the report.

Radon Testing

All of North Georgia is in a “high” radon zone. We recommend that each home have a radon test conducted when purchasing a home or if your home has never been tested for radon. HSI, Inc. uses state of the art, Sun Nuclear continuous monitoring radon equipment. The report is easy to review and a list of radon mitigation companies is provided if needed. For more information on radon go to http://www.epa.gov/radon/.

Home and Stucco Inspections, Inc. also provides:
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  • E & O insurance (which covers you and your broker)
  • Liability insurance
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